Weather for Paddlers and Boaters




Weather is all around us. Most of us experience it without considering its sources and effects. The difficulty is that weather can and often does surprise us. As mariners a lot of our decision making must be made based on the weather forecast, our local observations and local knowledge. Failure to consider the weather and to adapt is a recipe for deep trouble. This online course will provide you with a tremendous knowledge about the weather we are experiencing and its origin, how to interpret the weather, how to make predictions, how to make decisions and how to record the weather using a VHF radio. This course is mostly suitable for paddlers and boaters in Canadian waters. The theoretical components of this course can be applied to weather around the world. The weather recording section is specific to Canadian boaters. Click here to see the detailed lessons you will learn.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course other than the desire to become more knowledgeable about the weather.

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