Welcome to the Geoskils Online Classroom

Geo- is a prefix derived from the Greek word “earth”, in the sense of “ground or land”. The lessons you learn now ‘on land’ will set you up for success when you get ‘on the water’.

Our goals with the online courses are;

  • To keep the cost very affordable so many people can take advantage of the courses. The higher number of people that enroll, the lower we can set our pricing. We want to provide amazing value for you.
  • To raise the standard of training.
  • To always keep innovating, updating and expanding the resources available online.
  • To create a hub for knowledge.

Our current online courses are suitable for;

Sailors and boaters will gain invaluable knowledge with our navigation, weather and sea state online courses.

Recreational paddlers (sea kayak, Canoe, SUP) can skyrocket their knowledge to be able to plan excursions more safely and enjoy more exciting outdoor pursuits. Ask us for suggestions based on your expectations.

Recreational sea kayakers looking for Paddle Canada certifications will frontload much of the theoretical knowledge needed for your Paddle Canada Skills Course or Instructor Course. This prior preparation will help you to learn much more while doing your in person course. We have courses for Paddle Canada level 1 to 4 skills and Level 1 and 2 Instructor.

Aspirant kayak guides can learn much of the theoretical knowledge needed to become a professional sea kayak guide. The courses are designed for the SKGABC syllabus but contain a great deal of useful information for sea kayak guides anywhere.  We have online courses for aspirant SKGABC level 1, 2 and 3 guides as well as AOG and AOG upgrade courses. This prior preparation will allow you to get the most out of your in person course. It will help you tremendously to be successful on your SKGABC guide exams. Be ahead of the game!

Businesses or training providers. If you are a business providing paddlesports training or are a marine based company like a whale watching operator, we can customize a course for you. You can select the courses, lessons, topics and quizzes you want from our repertoire and you have the option to add your own resources. Only your clients or staff will have access to your private course. We can create a customized and private classroom and brand it with your logo and other proprietary information. We will support you to prepare your course.

If you are a paddlesports (sea kayaking, SUP or canoeing) instructor, enrolling your students into the online classroom prior to your course has multiple advantages.

  • You save a lot of time because your students come better prepared with a very strong foundation of knowledge.
  • You are adding huge value to the quality and depth of your training.
  • The online classroom is easily accessible.

The Geoskils online classroom was developed by SKILS. Since 2003, SKILS has created an impressive array of teaching resources, publications and programs with very high standards. We are excited to share them with you via online courses. Our background is in paddlesports and leadership. We are passionate about teaching and sharing this passion with a rewarding and fun experience. We strive to be at the forefront of the industry by our practices and innovation.

For more information about who we are, visit our main website at www.skils.ca.

You can contact us at [email protected] for your inquiries.